Jean Walcher
J.Walcher Communications

“I’m still braising! The workshop really transformed the way I look at a visual image and has helped me with my own social networking and informal communication tools. My images are more interesting and inspiring and solicit more interaction. To take a group of people that focus on words and language all day, and make them think visually was priceless!

Thank you again.”

Heather Tweedy
Founder CEO of Bright Sky Interactive

“It’s been great!
Changed the way I think about images and we’ve used the techniques to help clients turn technicians and sales guys into content machines. They even make in-ground fiber look sexy now.”

Natsuko Mochizuki
Moonlight Wave Corporation

“The different ways of looking at objects in photography teaches me the way to look at things in different ways, even away from taking photos.”

Indra Gardiner
Founder/Chief Influence Officer, The i.d.e.a Brand

“After watching this idea percolate for nearly a year, it was wonderful to experience it. It has changed the way I frame photos, paying more attention to light, shadow, and trying to create more interest with a simple image. The photos I post on social media now elicit more positive comments than before I took the session.

Thanks Paul.”

Martin Waxman
Martin Waxman Communications

“Since your talk at Counselors Academy, I’ve sworn off stock images. I’m only using original photos in my blog posts – mostly taken by me. I may not be the best photographer, but I’m trying to make sure the visuals I use enhance the story I’m trying to tell.”

Forest Featherstone
Very Independent Contractor

“When I attended Paul M Bowers’ “Creative Braise” workshop, I foolishly walked in wearing only my PR/Marketing thinking cap. I thought I’d walk out with technical tips and maybe some fresh ideas for my clients with tight budgets. What I’ve actually gained is a frameshift in perspective that translates across multiple aspects of my career: project management, strategic planning, and team building to name just a few.

During Paul’s entertaining and engaging program, my brain was firing left and right with ideas for improved branding efforts, fresh blogs, and enriched social media. My confidence was bolstered with each piece of praise from Paul and my colleagues, making me better prepared for upcoming team building and networking experiences.

Over the remaining days of the conference, I listened with a more investigative mindset. My brain had experienced a frameshift. Instead of just taking in broad concepts, I found myself focusing on key elements: unique angles, areas of contrast, tonalities, and shadows.

But my greatest takeaways revealed themselves several weeks later. While re-reading Creative Braise notes, I had an “aha!” moment. Strip away the technical details, and what Paul had really taught us was about perception – in a way that made it applicable to any career field or aspect of work.

These tidbits (taken straight from my notes) provide excellent guidance in many of my professional endeavors now:

Comfortable is not the best fit. Push yourself further.
There is nothing as creative as a deadline.
Scale is a critical element.
You need areas of contrast.
Simplicity is more poignant.
Negative space makes things more powerful.
Lighting and tonality cut through the clutter.
Set things up so that people can use their imagination to complete them.
Manipulation can occur by changing the distance between the source and the object.
Consider all the possible angles.
Keep in mind both the foreground and the background.
Most people won’t read your text anyway. 😉

A truly unique and engaging experience, I highly recommend Creative Braise to anyone who could benefit from a refreshed perspective.”